We are a young, dynamic manufacturing company from the northern Padua province, built after 13 years of experience in the flue and chimney industry. We are based in Piombino Dese, in the province of Padua. Our mission is to offer our products as well as all-round technical assistance and consultancy to installers and retailers. Our goal is your maximum satisfaction!

We manufacture and provide any type of component for your flue: single- and double-wall, (316 stainless steel, 5/10 thickness), copper, coaxial, galvanized, flexible, aluminum, black pipe and PPS.

In addition to a warehouse of more than 3600 sqm, always stocked with all the “standard” components, we provide bespoke solutions with chimneys or ventilation ducts including of more than 1000 mm diameter and up to 10/10 thickness.

In addition to continuous stock availability, quality and the best pricing, our strength is consultancy and technical assistance, with the possibility of field visits, project execution and final quote.

We use both in-house and outsourced shippers for our deliveries, but customers can also collect items directly at our premises.

In summary, our goal is your maximum satisfaction!